Please help Loagn Zimmermann a from the Aurora high school achieve his goal by making a donation. Thank you!!
Please help Logan Zimmermann from Aurora High School achieve his goal by making a donation. Thank you!

 Econet Wireless Internet
EcoNet Wireless offers the fastest speeds available over our advanced 4G network. With extremely high speeds at ranges of up to 20 miles! Enjoy faster downloads and uploads, and get valuable extras like VoIP, Address Book, Calendar and more by integrating our service with Google. Get ready for a new online experience!


  • Watch streaming HD movies online.
  • Dominate games with less lag.
  • Download music and upload photos in seconds.
  • Get blazing fast connections.

Online Entertainment

  • Enjoy fast access to Netflix, Hulu Plus and more¬†where you can enjoy all of your favorite movies & TV shows.
  • Check TV listings and access over 130,000 news and entertainment videos from Fox Sports, E!, and more.

Security Tools

Help keep your family safe from growing online threats.
  • Get the highly-acclaimed Avira Antivirus-FREE.
  • Also get identity protection, anti-spyware, and pop-up blockers.

Communication Center

Welcome to an amazing fusion of e-mail, voice messages, and contacts in one convenient place-with access from any Internet connection via Google.
  • Get email accounts with 10 GB of storage.
  • Listen to your voice mail from your PC and in any order.
  • Forward voice messages to others by email.
  • Combine the contacts from your cell phone, email, and work.

40% Off!!

CCS is offering *40% off of labor on pc repair services to Econet Wireless customers!

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*Some restrictions may apply

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Econet's Tell A Friend Program

Refer a friend and save up to $120.00 a year!!
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